Monster Cookie Madness

     Here is Annie on our mother-daughter time out.  She earned it by reading a 300 page children’s Bible.   She is super smart.  I never even suggested that she read it.  She just picked it up after school, and read it over the course of a few weeks.  She had read another children’s Bible–we have almost a dozen–on her own initiative a few months ago.
    For fun, Ron and I asked her “what it was about.”  She started telling us details from the creation story.  Then, she got so flustered with how many details she had left to report, that she burst into tears!  We laughed and told her she did not need to tell us anymore.  She is SO CUTE.
   I took her to a bakery, and she got a “monster cookie” and a juice box.  She was wearing her jiu-jitsu outfit since we were on our way to jiu-jitzu.  But while she consumed the beloved cookie, she showed me her most recent tap routine, and then wanted to do her most recent ballet dance as well.  I told her she could save it for when we got home.
    She is a treasure.  I simply adore this child!