Here are some of my favorite memories of Mom:
1. Singing “White Coral Bells” in a round with Mom and Kim.
2. Mom getting Jeff Wall to teach me how to swim in Granny Ruth’s pool, and Mom doing the breast stroke and not getting her hair wet.
3. Mom letting Kim and me watch the Helen Keller TV movie and have a sleepover in her room when we first moved to NYC.
4. Mom taking us to the Met and us eating street vendor hot dogs on the steps.
5. Mom braiding my hair Bo Derek style.
6. Mom taking me to see “Annie” on Broadway no less than 6 times.
7. Mom teaching me to write an essay in 9th grade.
8. Mom picking me up from my exchange program at the end of my stay in Nantes and sharing with me the changes she had seen take place in me during the time I had been away.
9. Mom taking my bridal party a couple of months before the wedding to Elizabeth Arden and all of us getting our hair and nails done.  We sure took that place over for a day!  I still look for “Ballet Slippers” nail polish whenever I get my nails done.
10. Mom surprising me with napkins last week that read: “Homeschooling Mothers of the Sacred Heart,” a name that she came up with.

I love you, Mom!  Happy Mother’s Day!