Math U See–Our New Favorite Program

    Where has this been all my life?  I love this math program!
    When I started teaching our oldest math, he was very quick.  He understood concepts easily and without much demonstration.  So I thought I could teach math.  🙂

    Then, the following three children have not been so quick, starting off strong (MCP math books) but getting caught at some point or another.  I had no tools for those moments.  I just tried my very best to explain the concept as clearly as I could.  But no matter how hard I tried, I found I was not good at it.  I wished they could just intuit what I was saying.
    A mom in our Sacred Heart homeschool group mentioned that she likes Math U See, and that stuck in my mind.  I have heard a lot of people saying they do Saxon, which we have also done (esp. for higher grades), but I am not a fan at all.
    We ended the year last school year with 2 of my daughters stuck on place value: carrying over and borrowing.  Well, researching for this year’s curricula, I googled Math U See, and the gentleman gave a video demonstration of that exact issue.  And it was rather brilliant.
    So I bought the whole thing (teacher manuals, student books, manipulatives) for three of my kids.  I have been doing it exactly as instructed.  The lights are going off in these girls’ heads and are saying, “Oh, I get it!”  A hundred pound burden is lifting from my shoulders!
   It will take some instruction time this year, but one of my year goals is for all four older children to love math.  That is just something that a homeschool child ought to be able to say.  It is just something that a homeschool teacher ought to be able to achieve.  I am optimistic that I have my resource for making that happen!