Mary’s Tears

    Mary approached me in tears yesterday.  She asked me if we could talk.  She said, “I have been praying that God would give me the courage to talk with you.”
    Oh, poor girl!  I, of course, encouraged her for a long time about how she could tell me anything.  We discussed how no one is perfect, and how “there are no perfect people allowed in this house.”  We read Romans 3:23, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”  I told her that I have messed up many, many times, and that God’s specialty is being merciful.  That presumes that we are going to mess up!  God is ready and waiting for us to mess up and then come to Him!  And so am I, as a mother.
    So she finally told me what it was.  And it was so, so precious.  She cried, and I quickly comforted her.  I wrote out a graph of her life, and we charted, drew, discussed.  Soon I had her laughing, shocked, amazed, and curious.
    At the end of it, she was radiant.  She was so happy.
    Five times, throughout the evening, she said to me, “Mom, whenever something happens again, I will come to you!”
    I was so grateful.  That one conversation set us on a path that we can remain on for decades.  We might deviate, but then we can find it again.  So glad to have created the first step of that path!!