Marching to the Beat of Your Own Drum

   Clare has amazing spunk and is determined to play basketball competitively.  She has just played her first ever basketball game!  She was really in the action!  Look at her steal the ball!

Look at her be ready to receive the ball!

    We got home and ordered pics like these from her first game, to make a photo book of her.  She is elated.
     It is interesting to have a child who marches to the beat of her own drum.  I have to watch myself and not pressure her to be like the other girls.  I dread the thought of her not fitting in or feeling left out.  But I bite my tongue because she needs to be herself.  The girls in her class talk a lot about the crushes they have on boys.  Once they teased her about liking someone.  She quipped back: “I’m not allowed to date for 8 more years.  Talking about crushes is going to get REALLY BORING.  Can we please talk about something else?”
    She rocks!!!