Living Life on the Edge

     As much as it seems like I living a traditional, safe, conservative life, I really feel like I am living life on the edge.
     Being married to Ron–I staked my whole future on one reading of a newspaper, realizing that I wanted to enjoy the events listed therein with him (we had been on 2 dates) rather than a boyfriend of many years!
     Giving up so many opportunities of personal fulfillment or ambition or creativity, instead giving my best to the emotional, spiritual, educational and psychological development of my kids–and betting that this choice IS the path of greater fulfillment and ambition!
     Living in a humble house in a humble town–and betting that it is the best way to have a great home!
     Of all the courses I could teach, books I could write, the public person I could be and accomplishments that I might be able to achieve–I believe that giving all my creativity to mercy and love of real people is the greatest “creative achievement” I could pursue.  But who knows!  It takes faith, as there is no proof that this is the best way!

     Everything about my life feels like a radical experiment.  I know I look boring, uneventful, and the least daring that a life could be.  But nothing could be farther from the truth.  I am living life on the edge.