Life is such a risk

      It is so hard to know–there are such risks!  Last summer I said, “Okay sure” to lots of things that wound up horrible for me.  This year, I said, “Okay sure,” to us all going to Rome and Ron working there for seven weeks.  As the time approached, I thought, “This is such a potential disaster!  Ron working–what am I going to do??  What if the kids are a mess, out of the country–do I have the energy for this??”  And I can assure you that I did NOT have the energy for the move overseas.  That was a real low point–and I will spare you the nasty details.
     But here we are in paradise.  The kids all have playmates, I am alone in a villa and vineyard, watching the sunset and drinking the organic wine made on this very acreage.  I have only been here 24 hours and it is looking VERY GOOD for all 7 of us.
     Imagine–I might have said no to this!
     And yet I did not say no to last summer’s schedule!
     You just never know.