Leigh’s Growing Up

    Leigh is growing up.  A year ago, I was remorseful that she would–she was so darned cute.
    But I am entirely surprised–she is all the more delightful as she gets older.
    Yesterday the girls and I pained for hours.  At the end of it, I announced that I was done for the day, and they would have to finish their masterpieces tomorrow.
    I knew that Leigh would have preferred to keep painting, but nevertheless she declared, “Well allll-right, then!  Thaaaaaaaaank you, Moooooom!!!!”  Her adult matter-of-factness was a shocker, and it melted my heart.
    She is also the most earnest of all the kids in evening family prayer.  She really waxes on quite adamantly: “THANK YOU, SO much, Lord, for AAAAAALLLLLLLL that you DID for us today!!!”  Gosh, it is sweet.