Leigh’s Declaration

   With Mary off at school, we have all been pondering whether Clare and Leigh would like to go to school too, next year.  I am praying about it, and asking God to show me His plan for each of them.
    Yesterday, Leigh announced with great sincerity, “I have decided that I want to homeschool through high school.  I like our homeschool.”  I was overjoyed!  I will keep praying, and whatever God wills, we will do.  But I feel really confident about homeschooling each child until about 6th grade.  I think the formation at home, as well as the education, is just what each one needs.  I like keeping a child at home through that period, so that I can make the most of this short time of life with them, and give them all I have to give them.  I do not want to coast on “autopilot” and then regret it later.
    While Leigh cannot even envision life past 6th grade, and so the comment about going through high school needs to be taken with a grain of salt, I am very pleased that she desires to be home, for the short term at least.
    And Clare?  I do not know!  Next week I am going to meet with the head of the one Catholic school around here that has room for her, and I will pray for discernment.
    But I will say that yesterday, I spent a lot of the afternoon with Clare.  She and I enter a whole new place, when she does not have siblings around.  She really lights up.  I want to make sure that I bring that light to the fullest, before she goes off to school.  I want to bring out the most of her faith formation, and her character formation.  She is a beautiful creature of God, and I want to make sure she is equipped. I want her to discover her identity in Christ, who she is and why she is lovable, in our home.  Then and only then will she be ready to brave the confusing messages of the world.