January in Italy

  One year ago, Papa Ronnie and Jane came to our house in Texas and watched our six kids while Ron and I flew to Italy to find a place to live and schools for our children for our upcoming move. Exactly one year later, it is almost impossible to comprehend how much has changed: the sweetest nuns in the world have moved into our house in Dallas and turned it into a convent; our family is settled in our farmhouse on a vineyard in Frascati; our 4 older children are passing most of their classes and performing in the upcoming talent show at their school; Annie is doing great in her school and has a boyfriend, Tiziano; Sebastian plays with the kids in kindergarten and his best friend is named Paolo; Jacob just played his first game with the Frascati soccer team even though his documents had not all come in. . . the coach was tired of waiting and so called him up to play; we are getting our car situation in order and will soon be driving our own cars here instead of campus cars; I have a book contract I am working on with Our Sunday Visitor. How grateful I am for this astonishing season of life that is replete with so many blessings!