jake’s first fire

     All educated on fire-building from a week in the wilderness with Ron, Jake started his first fire this weekend.  Ron had taken the girls out for Mary’s birthday dinner (Mary, 2 friends and 2 sisters).  Jake, Annie and I stayed home.  I made burgers and Jake offered to build a fire outside.  It was totally impromptu: Jake just offered, I agreed, and he got to work.  He lit his first match.

   Then he got the fire going.  Honestly, it was an amazing fire.  It went for hours, with a little tending from the master himself.

     He and I had a great time talking, catching up after a week apart.  He told me all about the snow, the cold dinners, the views, and his talks with his dad.  I just relished in the evening.  It was relaxed and festive and had the warmth of a reunion–a mother/son reunion, in this case.