Jacob’s Sixteenth

     Sometimes milestones in a person’s life (like graduations or anniversaries) are quiet, and pass by relatively unnoticed.  But Jacob’s sixteenth birthday has measured up to all that such a birthday might be:
     -He recently got his driver’s permit
     -He just earned and received as gifts enough money to buy a car
     -He (and our family) hosted a school-wide event at our home, inviting approximately four hundred teenagers for a big bash
     -He just completed four years of being the founding editor-in-chief of the Dallas Catholic News, an online monthly paper that he created
     -He just released the first issue of this year’s Informer–the Cistercian newspaper–as its editor-in-chief, and it is greatly expanded and developed from its previous leadership
     -He just got to a sub-22 minute 5K, beating his previous personal record

    It is a watershed time in his life, and how grateful I am for all the blessings he enjoys!