This past year, Jacob has made friends with all sorts of students at Cistercian.  He has gotten to know a few of the students who come from backgrounds very different from Jacob’s–particularly in being not very religious or not very educated.
    Last night, Jacob sat down next to me and, with a sentimental look on his face said, “I think I am the luckiest person in the world.”
    “What do you mean?”  I asked.
    “I am just so grateful.  I cannot believe that I have gotten to live the life I have so far.  As I have gotten to know so many people in my class, I am realizing that not all families are like ours.  Not all parents know much about faith.  Not all parents take the time to educate their children, both in matters of theology as well as in other areas.  I am so, so lucky.”
    We talked about all that he was thinking about, all that was on his mind.  He talked on and on for about two hours.
    At the end of the conversation, we recounted our time living in Louisiana, then our move to Virginia, then our move to Texas.  Each of them, he said, gave his something wonderful.  Then, he spoke about homeschooling, and how the last two years (his 5th and 6th grades) were so significant in his development.  Then, his adjustment to Cistercian has been so strong and good for him.  At the end he said, “It’s just been PERFECT.”
    Oh, how I wish I could just freeze time.  I know life will bring him bigger challenges.  I know, no matter how hard I try, that he will not always feel like his upbringing was “perfect.”
    Lord, please sanctify my efforts, and build up his life and heart so that he can be all You desire him to be!