It’s Like Buying a Gun

     Reading through the Catechism yesterday on marriage and family life (for a particular project), I read about the calling and beauty of married couples having children.  Children are the “crowning glory” of the marriage and of the whole life of the parent, it said. I consented with all my heart to this statement.
     After having been quite clear that I am not up for another pregnancy any time soon, and after having felt this way for the past three years, suddenly I was hit with the recognition that perhaps I could have one more.
     As the day progressed, the idea grew on me and it turned into an actual, if not nascent, desire.
     I hit poor, unsuspecting Ron with it at midnight, when I had just returned from Jake and Mary’s performance in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (ironic, of course, since it was like having been hit with cupid’s arrow, but for a baby).
     His response:
     “It’s like buying a gun.  Once you say you want one, you should give it seven days before you are legally allowed to buy it.  Then, there’s getting a license.”