it’s baking day!

     One of the things that keeps me riveted is how a little flour and a rolling pin makes little people’s spirits open up like no other time.  It is “peace on earth” and good will to EVERYONE when a tiny tike is playing with dough.

     We have the Hayeses here for a few days (the holy family that arrived at our home on the Feast of the Holy Family!) and we decided to have a tea party.  So we made finger sandwiches, peppermint tea, and of course, cookies.

     Cooking with NINE small children plus a baby?  Yes!  Okay, there were a few sprinkles on the floor.  But the joy is all mine.  How I think about it: if my intuition says, “Don’t make a mess!” say instead, “Messes are the small, forgettable price for peace on earth!”  If my intuition says, “Hey, that’s too much flour!” say instead, “Look at how much she is enjoying all that flour!”  It’s not about the cookies, it’s about the fascination, the learning, the creativity, and most of all, the JOY.

     Speaking of delight, look at this tea party!

     Happy fifth day of Christmas, everyone, and may there truly be peace on earth!