Island Time: Vacation Part II

Island Time: Vacation Part II

Day 7: Sebastian and Wesley had lots of swim time, and I absolutely loved watching them play in the Mediterranean Sea!

Ron and I had a date night at the Labyrinth restaurant, a wonderful place on the old town.  After a rough start tasting wine from Santorini, and after much deliberation, we wound up with a shockingly good wine from Macedonia.

Day 8:   The next day, Hunter, Stephanie, Jacob, Mary and I went to the Archaeological Museum of Naxos.  We saw remains of the neolithic period, as well as early Cycladic statues and artifacts from the Bronze Age, 3rd millennium BC.

Today, the six divers passed their scuba test!  Leigh scraped by with a 78 (you had to have a 75 to pass), but she wins major points for considering it a real possibility that fish might nibble at her because they think she is “fish food”!

We had a wonderful dinner at an outdoor restaurant with a garden patio.  The food was truly fine cuisine, and the cousins ruled the roost at their own table. Hunter and Stephanie gave Annie a lesson on the refugee crisis and ways we can help.  

I told them about Wesley telling me that he hoped he could make a billion dollars so that his parents could retire and help the refugees full time–a precious sentiment from a 14 year old!

Day 9: This was the day of the BIG REEF DIVE for the divers.  Ron went with them on the boat out to the reef.  The divers had a great time exploring.  What an accomplishment!
      This evening, Hunter took us up to a mountain top restaurant called Rotunda.  It was a stone’s throw from Mount Zas cave, where legend has it, Zeus was raised as a child, hiding out from Cronos who wanted to swallow him (as he had Zeus’ brothers and sisters).  The restaurant was so beautiful and the view the best I might have ever seen.  What a joy to be together in this beautiful place!

Day 10: Hunter and Stephanie took all 13 of us out on a sailboat.  Captain Yannis brought us around the island to beautiful coves and bays.  Such beautiful water!  The ride was so restful and peaceful.

 This time with our cousins was an incredible joy.  It was one of our family’s best vacations ever.  We love our cousins so much, and felt at home with them.  How our kids all enjoyed their bonding time!  Thank you, Hunter, Stephanie, and triplets, for joining us in Greece!  We love you!