I Loved Turning 40!

     I had such a fabulous 40th.  I got to go through a guided tour of the Vatican Museums (Ron generously gave me his place) with GROWN UPS.  I had never been through the whole complex before, and I certainly had not been to a museum without my children in almost a decade.  The Vatican Museums are simply amazing–especially enhanced by the comments of our guide.  What a complete treat.  The Laocoon!  It has taken me 20 years to see it!
     Then I got to go to Mass, right under the Window of the Holy Spirit and Peter’s Cathedra in St. Peter’s.

     The best part was that, in Mass, I asked God a question that I have been asking for a long time.  He gave me a very quick, lucid answer.  It was so clear, and so original–not anything I have considered in all the time I have been wondering.  It felt distinctly like His handiwork.  I am so grateful, and was given so much peace.  Oh I love Him so! 
     This day is on top of a party the previous night with the staff here having helped the 4 older kids make a cake-turned-fruit-tart-since-I-don’t-like-cake, with Prosecco, watching the sun set over Castel Gandolfo. 
      And this is on top of family celebrations, sister celebrations, gifts, birthday trip to the beach, cards–oh my goodness, what an amazing day!  What a wonderful life!  I am so, so grateful–for love!  How humbled I am by the love of my family and friends, and most of all by the love for me of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  How rich and full God’s love is.