I love this girl!

Oh, how I love this girl!  She loves to cook with me.  She loves to help with chores.

She has become so sprightly.  She has become sparkly.  This was not apparent in her for her first 5 years.  Yet now it shines!

     She had a big transformation this summer.  At her request, desiring to feel God’s presence in her heart, I prayed for her and with her, that she would take to heart the message of Galatians 4, that the Holy Spirit helps a person’s heart identify God as “Abba, Father.”  When she could identify with that, I told her, that is the mark of having God in your heart and Jesus in your life.  That is the demonstration of the grace of one’s baptism and conversion.

     We prayed for that feeling, and as soon as we did, she cried in my arms and said, “Yes, I feel that.”  We repeated it for several days at her request.  She just loved it.

     But what has been astounding to me is that, not only has that feeling persisted for her (clearly God’s doing, and not her own, given how quickly her feelings come and go), but there is a total transformation that is beyond the scope of that prayer experience.  She has become light hearted, whereas she used to be heavy hearted.  She has become radiant, where she used to be gloomy.  It is totally beyond her will, her daily decisions, her thinking.  God is truly present, I believe, in her heart, and it shows.  I should be the Mom who knows more than she, but I am the student here.  I am learning up close what it is like to have the Spirit of God in one’s heart.  It is seeing God’s beautiful, humble power right in front of my eyes.