I know lots of saints

     Who are saints?  They are people who have been hurt, who have sinned, who have be wronged and challenged at every turn. . . like the rest of us.  

      Saints are the ones who let God write the story of His goodness, His mercy, His beauty, His triumph, through their lives.  
     What does it take to be a saint?  I think it takes faith in Jesus, it takes forgiveness and mercy, and it takes clinging to Providence, rather than fighting for our own will every step of the way.  
    On All Saints Day yesterday, I was in a conversation about saints.  
    Two of my children and I were in line for confession.  Clare asked me, “Who is Saint Monica?”  I said, “She was the mother of St. Augustine.  Monica was really upset because she was a Catholic mother, but her son was behaving badly, really badly.  He was a big sinner.  He had no faith, and was arrogant, and did lots of bad things.  He had a mistress and a child out of wedlock.  He was not at all in touch with God’s love.  Well, Monica went to church every single day and begged for God’s mercy, that her son would become a good Catholic.  She cried and begged every day.  Well guess what!  Augustine became a Christian.  And then, he became a priest.  And then he became a saint, one of the greatest theologians of all time!  Think of how powerful Monica was!  Think of how powerful her prayers must have been!”  
    Clare asked, “Did she do anything else?  It that the only reason she is a saint?” 
    I replied, “Yes, that’s it.  The Catholic Church loves moms!  It sees and honors the moms who love intensely and pray fervently.  That’s all you have to do to be a saint in the Catholic Church!”  
    I love that about this Church.  I know LOTS of saints!!  Seeing the other moms at P.E., seeing the moms within my family, they are everywhere!  They are all around me!  I love being surrounded by people whose whole life is based on love!