I Appreciate My Mom

   My mom is an amazing woman.  Here are several of the countless things I appreciate about her!

1) She tirelessly serves the poor, the hurting, the weak, the marginalized, the powerless, the under-appreciated, the undervalued.  Her whole life is an outpouring of love, to help other people.  Her friends have joked, “Doesn’t she ever just want a week at the beach?”  Her answer is “No!”

2) She cheers me on in all my pursuits, both vocational and recreational.  I ran a race last weekend and she was on the virtual sidelines, texting me emoticons all the way!

3) She is so good to my children.  Today, Baby Sebastian is wearing a shirt with a soccer ball on it.  He keeps pointing to it and saying, “Granny!  Soccer ball!” (That’s about as high a compliment as he pays anyone!)  At Christmas, she got him various clothes and pj’s with sports gear on it.  He simply adores them.  She always knows how to find just the right things that mean the most to people.

4) She is a woman of great faith.  She has given her life to God and has a beautiful spirit of joyful surrender.  She accepts the grace that God continually showers on her, and she radiates His life and love everywhere she goes.

I love my mom!!  Happy Birthday, Mom!!