Humanae Vitae

I had the privilege of being on the radio this morning.  Dave Palmer of Guadalupe Radio 910AM interviewed me regarding the current rumors of a pontifical commission re-examining Humanae Vitae in light of Amoris Laetitia.  I have been working on a book on Catholic motherhood for 5 years.  As I am in the final editing stages, beginning to look for a publisher, it is clear to me how important it is for a book like this to be available to the public.  Catholics and non-Catholics alike need to hear the Catholic faithful, who live under the guidance of Humanae Vitae, being open to life, speak up!  They need to hear our message of the beautiful truth of the Catholic faith regarding its moral teaching against artificial contraception.

Dave was so kind to let me speak, sharing the truth and goodness of this teaching.  Please pray with me that I can find the right publisher, who wants to proclaim this message!

GRN Alive 11-17-17-Dr.Katherine-Rombs