We have several highlights of our trip so far:
1) Sebastian seems finally to be getting comfortable.  He is enjoying running on the soccer field and playing on the playground.  He has made friends with the Rome campus cooks, Nino and Nuncha, which of course makes meal time smoother!
2) Ron and I are loving our classes.  Wonderful students!  What a delight!
3) We are enjoying being with the Glicksmans, friends from Irving and whom we’ve missed since they’ve come to Rome as regular faculty.  What a family!  We are also delighted to get to know the Miruses–amazing!  the Hatlies are always favorites, too–what a joy to see them again!
4) The children of all these families gather on the soccer field and play Ring Around The Rosie, Pop Up and, of course, soccer.  It is a delight to see them relish in the fun.