Happy Mothers’ Day, Mom!

     I love you, Mom!
     My favorite times with my Mom in recent years are:
     1. Our time together for 2 days after her surprise birthday party in NYC 2 years ago.  I had flown up for the surprise, and I was the one who got a surprise with how especially lovely the time was, late that evening (with Leah, Dad, Ken and Kim in the living room) and the next day or two.  Mom and I had a great meal out on Broadway and she told me she and Dad were thinking of moving to Dallas.  Loved it!
     2.  Enjoying our camping trip in New Mexico last summer.  Relaxing together is the best way to be together!  
     3.  The talk we had a few months ago, just before Easter.  Sharing; leaning on one another–a real heart to heart!
     4.  Her telling me her story, last week.  So direct and truthful: “The truth will set you free!”
     5.  The Vigil talk we had, 2 nights ago.  Healing is just so good!

     My favorite thing about my mom is how pure-hearted she is, in the sense of being unpretentious.  The culture is so focused on image and on material things.  It specializes in reputation, success and glamour.  My mom is especially unpretentious: what matters to her is having roots, knowing who you are, and being established in healthy relationships.  Not only does she not prioritize what the culture does: she rather despises its values.  She simply dismisses its temptations with a “Poo,” and a wave of the hand.  She is so faithful to the calling she has to claim health and real connection, amid the whirlwind of spurious loves and unreliability that surrounds many of us (but her more than most).
    She started her life with disadvantages that surpass what most of us could imagine, and she has reversed those damages and built strength, against all odds.  What a heroine!  She is mine!
    How I love you, Mom!