Happy Birthday, Sebastian!

   It is amazing to think that Sebastian is ONE YEAR OLD!  He is so precious: his little blond curls, his sweet, husky voice, his gentle demeanor.  He toddles, peeking around chairs and smiling at you.  He plays with his very, very favorite thing, balls, any and all the time: soccer balls, footballs, exercise balls, beach balls, you name it.  He learned to kick a soccer ball before he learned to walk!  Holding an adult’s hands, he kicked away!

    His best party trick is waving to people.  He had a virtual waving ministry in Italy.  That country has so few children.  People were just wowed and melted into puddles, seeing him wave at them.  He lit up the whole country, waving to people of all kinds–punk rockers, grandparents, store keepers.  He had them all beaming and waving back at him.

    Thinking back to a year ago–we’ve come a long way!  What an angel he’s been–chubby cheeks baby! 
God Bless you, Little Man!