This Thursday, I had the most excruciating pain I have ever felt–I broke a bone.  It was worse than childbirth.  Then, the next day, I threw my back out.  The following day I came down with a fever.  It is so strange when your health and body completely fall apart.  I transition from being a healthy, ambitious adult to a pitiful patient.  I couldn’t help but think of Job–and then I suddenly prayed that the misfortune would stop with the fever and not carry on like Job’s did.
     But what this pain has drawn out of me (in addition to lots of petitions, offering the suffering up for those in need) is gratitude.  I am so, so grateful for my loyal, cheerful husband who took two days off of work, carting me around to different doctors and then doing the parental duties, his and mine both.  I am grateful for my Mom who empathizes and cares deeply for me in my pain.  I am grateful for our healthcare, which is better than it is in most countries.  I am grateful for our children, who are so tender and kind, concerned for my health.  I am grateful for my friends who have been communicating with me non-stop, praying me through.
     The pain is subsiding, and surely I am through the worst of it.  Once the physical ailments are gone, all that will remain is a deeper gratitude for my life.