We are three weeks away from graduation from this school year (only to begin summer studies soon thereafter!).
     The real graduation for me, however, is from the effort I have been making for seven years to get each of our kids 1) onto equal footing with one another, where there is no child in a miserable ditch compared to the others, and 2) well mannered and behaved toward one another.
     Clare is happy and confident, and academically successful.  She has made huge strides this year.  My remedial work with her, both emotionally and academically, is done!  She is “caught up” on all fronts!
     Leigh is no longer in the shadows, hiding out behind the facade of “baby.”  She is a hard worker, she is responsible, and does not make (too many) allowances for herself.
      Jake is kind to his sisters; the sisters speak kindly to one another; the frictions–replete with growling, yelling, stomping and crying–are virtually gone!
    All five kids are joyful, confident, and reverent.  They love God, and being a faithful Catholic is a solid part of their identity.
     I am so happy!  I am really going to enjoy graduation this year!!