Gotta Love It!

The finest, best-behaved, most critically-thinking, most passionate young human beings I have ever met were homeschooled children.  My awe of some of these children inspired me to homeschool, with the hopes of my children turning out a fraction as wonderful as these young people were.  [Caveat: Not all homeschooled children are well-behaved and balanced.  But the reverse is true: the best-behaved children are often homeschooled.]

So, it has always been a joke–of the most ridiculous order–to hear people’s objections, that homeschooled children are unsocialized.  There are more poorly socialized children roaming the halls of public and private schools than home schools.  I was would NEVER want my children to be socialized as poorly as the average school kid!

I broke out into laughter when I saw this shirt, worn by a child from one of the best families I’ve ever met.  They are loving, compassionate, accomplished, smart people.  I would be thrilled for any of my children to turn out half as well as they.  The irony was too much!