Feeling “worthless”

     I have never resonated with Christian writers who discuss being “worthless” as this has seemed so easy to confuse with a self-hatred or self-debasement.
     But recently, I have simply loved this idea of my being “worthless,” and it has been a great help to me in prayer.
     It is a great cure for the aspects of my self that are still self-reliant, and not totally dependent on God.    In this regard, my ability to do anything good on my own, I am in fact worthless, and it is not erroneous or harmful to myself to constantly remind myself of this fact.  Of course it is definitely not to be confused with one’s value as a person, as we are created with not just worth, but infinite worth.
    It is something to wrap one’s head around: that we are worth the world in one respect, and worthless in another!  And yet we are: we are like jewels in the hand of God, precious in His sight, but yet are like vanishing mist, able to obtain nothing permanent, no lasting good without the supernatural power of God.