Favorite Things

Favorite Things

    When kids are failing school, when the Italians act like they wish you weren’t here, when your car is just rotting in the front yard because it takes more that six months to get a tag and registration, when sometimes you just want to go home, I have to remember some of my favorite things about Italy:

1) The pharmacist wraps the items she sells in paper.

2) Frequent Pasta Carbonara–Need I say more?

3) Vespas and cute cars everywhere.

4) That Italians all sleep all afternoon. As a tourist, this is annoying. As a resident, it is heaven.

5) That they know what’s right (like that this is a one way street) and that they accept it when you fall short of that (that you have to go down backward the wrong way). So, for example: When you are stuck at the top of a hill and can’t get your van down the narrow lane, you ask a guy: “How do I get down?” and he says, “You go backwards down this one the wrong way, verrrrry slooooooowly.” And everyone just waits and watches while you drive backward the wrong way all the way down the hill. Because they are used to falling a little short and accept that it’s just what people do. It’s pretty cool that for all their yelling at each other, they are actually rather accommodating of mistakes.

6) The view from my kitchen. I get soooooooo mad living in this place. Only one of four stove top burners works at a time because the stove is soooo Italian. The fridge did not work for 3 months. There are still flies in the house, and it is either hot or damp or cold. The parking is in a mud pit. We have a stupid gate that does not even keep our dog in the yard, and so I’m not sure why we use it at all. The power routinely goes out and we just light candles.
      But the view, it is, I think, worth it.