Enjoying the Blizzard!

    We headed West, avoiding the tornados that hit Dallas. . . only to find ourselves right in the middle of Winter Storm Goliath!
    We are stranded at a hotel in Clovis, New Mexico.  We are having a blast, playing in the snow and doing our new hop hop exercise videos (Ron’s gag gift for Christmas that has captured our kids’ imagination and love!).
    I am fully embracing the fun twists and turns of life!
    What I love most of all is having a husband who leads the family in joy and adventure.  He carries the baton in living each moment to the fullest.  It’s not what life hands you.  It’s what you make out of each moment.  If you bring humor, joy and fun wherever you go, its hard to be disappointed!
    Gotta go. . . we’re about to make snowmen!  But it is still blizzarding. . .   so I think the snow people are going to blow away as fast as we can make them!  
    Lord, please help us not lose power!