Did you know. . . ?

   Some of my favorite family members are waging war against sex trafficking.  I have relatives that are giving their lives to end this horrible slavery.
    But did you know that Planned Parenthood aids and abets sex trafficking?  Today I heard a shocking testimony from a former employee of PP that she was trained to help, aid and abet sex trafficking, and not get caught.
   So sad!  So horrible!

“Life is Sacred”

“My Generation Will End Abortion”

“Planned Parenthood Profits From Abortion”

Planned Parenthood is truly Anti-woman, Anti-personal dignity.  If I were pro-choice (which I am not), I would SERIOUSLY be considering how to provide an alternative to PP, since PP is so horrific, it is going down.  Truly, it cannot survive.  It is too corrupt–extracting baby parts, and “dissecting” aborted babies, mutilating them and saying, “How cool!”  It is just horrific.  Anything too corrupt cannot last.  And PP cannot last.  If I were pro-choice, I would be scrambling to be finding an alternative to PP for legal abortions.  Otherwise, I am convinced Roe v.Wade will be overturned.