Oh, what a blessing it is to be a Christian!  And a Catholic one, at that!
     I walked into church this afternoon with such burdens, worries and inner turmoil.  I went to confession.  God bless the confessor.  He listened and understood.  He responded so clearly and poignantly.
    Then, after absolution and a blessing, I left and sat in a pew.  I prayed the Our Father, and dwelt upon each word.  After about half an hour, I had made it through half of the Our Father.  And it suddenly struck me: God makes a beautiful, gorgeous, exhaled picture out of humanity.  Each person is at God’s disposal.  We might be lifted up; we might be broken down; we might be admired; we might be persecuted.  But as long as we yield to God’s will and do not resist His plan, we will play the part God chooses for us.  And our part, even if it does not exalt us personally, exalt’s God.  And that is the point.  When they pray, “Praise God,” or “Blessed be God in the highest,” what that means is, “I say ‘Yes’ to God being lifted up on high, no matter what my role is.  I am happy to be the smallest part, or the part that gets crushed or squashed or beaten down (like most of the figures in the Bible, like most saints, and certainly like Jesus Himself), if that means that the overall picture glorifies God.”
    And so I learned all over again what “detachment” means: letting go of what appears to be, and embracing God, our Father, alone.