Day 90–It is the end! Praise the Lord!

Today is exactly 90 days from the closing of schools due to the coronavirus outbreak. Look at the news: the virus has lost its force! Even those who test positive in Italy are experiencing a much less dangerous disease. Oh, thank you Lord! [Other Italian doctors are furious that this doctor is saying this. . . very controversial!]

Today is a national holiday. Then tomorrow, the world gets closer to back to normal. We can travel around Italy and the EU now! Most businesses are opening up. What a relief.

My great joy, for which I will always thank God, is that it was such a good period for my children. The quarantine brought them together in a new an better way. The 4 older ones have found “their people” in each other and ironed out the kinks of how they relate. For the rest of our lives we have the quarantine to thank for this blessing. I am also grateful for having had Jacob at home without lots of distractions in these final months before he leaves forever. Thank you, Jesus, for your mercy!