Day 45–Pizza and Gaga

  Having a blast! Ron got TAKE OUT PIZZA from Frascati tonight! Oh my goodness, its the first pre-prepared food we’ve had in 44 days! Oh it was so good. Cant believe things are opening up! It’s been a long 44 days!
   We’re watching Lady Gaga’s COVID 19 show. Ron and I don’t really know any of these people. 🙂
   But it was a memorable moment watching Jack Johnson sing “Better Together.” Ron had bought all Jack Johnson’s albums when we were engaged and first married and we listened to them all the time long before any of our kids were alive. And now, here we are quarantined in Italy, watching Jack Johnson sing from his front porch in Hawaii, and our kids are singing along and know every word. It’s a strange life. All things come together.
   Crying here watching the health care workers give their lives fighting this virus.  Mothers not being able to see their children at home, working around the clock. Where the virus goes berserk, it is really lethal and unbelievably contagious. So hard to predict where it will go over the top as it has in Lombardy and New York. But it does not do this everywhere or all the time. It’s a squirrely, nasty thing!