Day 41–Cheers

We have heard the quarantine will be partially lifted beginning May 3rd–20 days. Meanwhile, the state of Texas is already about the lift their shelter-in-place order. . . how is that possible? This is all so surreal. My mind spins with where we will be next year, what schools will be open with classrooms filled versus which ones will not.
    And then I let it go, take a big breath, and enjoy the present moment. I love the sound of rain on the roof, the birds and little footsteps all over our house. Our family just started watching Cheers together–brings back memories of high school! Cheers almost single-handedly got me through senior-itis! I love having Jacob here before he leaves, and Mary will be right behind him. How I cherish these days of everyone being home.
    Cheers to all the people surviving a quarantine and a global catastrophe right now!