Day 37–Good Friday

Day 37–Good Friday

   Today was one of the best days and honestly, one of the most truly prayerful Good Fridays I’ve had in a long time. This was the beautiful sight I woke up to:

I began the morning by printing out stations of the cross for Sebastian and Annie to color. They did and then we taped them around the room. Later in the night, we followed Pope Francis’ Stations of the Cross by way of streaming it on the tv, and I loved having Annie and Sebastian’s Stations on our walls.

     Then I cooked vegetables, rice and beans for the family so that in our light eating and fasting, there would be good options. Then Sebastian, Annie and I made homemade bread as well as homemade play dough with which they played all afternoon.
     We had a quiet afternoon outside where I read an article about the Eucharist. Then we came inside for the Good Friday Liturgy. It was solemn and even more so due to the world-wide crisis–it was astonishing that St. Peter’s was empty and the pope was the only person to venerate (kiss) the cross of Christ.
     This was a powerful passage from the Magnificat today that I am really focused on:

“The world in which we live cannot satisfy the desires that sustain the human quest for happiness. The world as it is cannot be a true home of the human heart.”
This is so true. The writer goes on to say:
“Jesus accompanies our in ur exile and turns this world into the place where we encounter him, making present in this world the new world toward which he will lead us. He called it My Father’s House (John 14:2). His exile ends ours. . . This world begins to participate in its destiny, a culture of life is generated. our efforts and sacrifices for justice, peace, and freedom are made worthwhile, human creativity is made fruitful, and hope is sustained.”

May we all find our true home in Christ, and may our lives be various ways of participating in his goodness. May our families be a figure of the heavenly family, and may our efforts toward justice and peace be a share in the justice and peace of God.