Could it have come any slower?

Could the end of this school week have come any slower?
I am so grateful for a holiday next week!!   We all need a break.
I almost broke out into tears this morning when Clare answered her math problem regarding telling time that a quarter of an hour is ten minutes.
I think I yelled at her, although I can hardly remember.  I am just so tired and it is all such a blur.
And then Clare led her decade of the family Rosary tonight, going on and on and on until Ron finally interrupted her and said, “Clare, are you counting?  It seems like you are way past 10.”  She confessed, “No, I’m not counting.”
I don’t think it is appropriate to get as upset as I did about Hail Mary’s.  After all, a few too many Hail Mary’s–is it possible to say too many prayers?
But goodness, I sure was mad!
Oh, how grateful I am for a break!  Even a Saturday!  I need to go hide out for a while and get some time alone!