Being content in all things: this is the key!
     “I have learned the secret of being content in all things, both when I am hungry, and in times of abundance,” (Phil. 4).
     Sometimes I feel like I have nothing: my body is bloated, my eyes are puffy and red, my muscles ache from getting no sleep.  I cannot homeschool as I want to, I cannot clean my house as I want to, I cannot keep up with my prayers, with the news, with my correspondence as I want to.  When I have met friends and family of late, no one says, “Wow, you look great!”  Instead, they all gaze at me with a sheepish smile that bespeaks pity.  “Poor thing, she’ll recover eventually,” is what their look says.
       But I am content.  In my hunger, in my time of need, I am full.  I am overflowing with abundance.
      One of the overflowing blessings is that this is one of the choice times of life in which I have a tiny, cuddly, adorable baby.  I make a point each day, many times a day, to stop and look at him, swoon over him, and let myself be infatuated with him.  His face is exquisite.  His chubby legs and pointy toes are like those of a Reubens painting.  His dimpled hands and slender fingers are like those of a porcelain doll.  His chubby cheeks, perfectly round head and alert gaze are the signature features with which God endowed him.  He is a living, breathing miracle.  He is an act of God that wants to nestle into my embrace and be loved.
    Holding a miracle in my arms, I am richly blessed.