Clare’s Violin

    We just began Clare on violin.  The teacher, Mr. Michael, is well educated in music theory and is passionate about teaching instruments to all ages–so long as they are grasping the tools about music composition and rhythm, rather than just learning one piece at a time off of sheet music.

     I attend all the lessons and her practice sessions.  3 five-minute practices a day.  I am really teaching her most of what she is learning.  But Mr. Michael has a vision that I do not have.  So I suppose it is more like co-teaching.
     His instruction is always a little beyond her level.  But she rises to the occasion.  She works hard, harder than I’ve ever seen her work for anything.

    She has rhythm I did not know she had, and an ear that I know I do not have.
    Violin is a way Clare is seeing herself as special (no one else is getting music lessons), talented (she gets lots of accolades), and her mood has hit an all time high.
    The first week, she carried the violin all over the house.  Mr. Michael had told her to just experiment with it, and figure out how it sounds, ultimately not wanting her to fear it or be timid around it.  The day after her first lesson, I arrived downstairs in the kitchen only to see Clare’s violin propped up on the chair next to hers as she ate breakfast.  She bowed a few notes in between bites of cereal, as the violin just sat there next to her and watched her eat.  
    Perhaps it is violin that has inspired the huge change around here.  Clare bounces through the house all day long.  If you met her for the first time today, you would think, “Oh, she’s the energetic, manic kid of the family.”  REALLY!!!?!!!!  She is giggly, grinning ear to ear, hugging every one, skipping, twirling.  And this has been going on for a month.  Or has it been the Omega Swirl or the Magnesium?

     I hope that we can get through the basic skills, so that she can work with music for the rest of her life.  What a joy, to have music as a place to go, relax and be uplifted throughout your life!