Captivated by Motherhood Episode 2

If you had ANY IDEA how hard creating videos for YouTube is, I would LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! You would NOT believe it. Getting the right camera, the video editing software. . . okay, that is an initial investment. Then watching enough videos to get a sense of what works and is not boring or tirelessly obnoxious. . . that is a project too. All that took me about a month. 

But creating the video–okay, so my desktop was set on iCloud because I don’t have that much storage/memory on my computer. But the video editing software cannot process things on the cloud! So it kept “losing” the data!” The videos kept disappearing and I had to spend a week finding the files. . . from outer space. Finally I got the desktop not to go to Icloud. But guess what. Then I did not have enough storage on my hard drive to render or export videos. Uggh!
When you finish creating a video, you have to export it. I exported it as too large of a file. My computer almost crashed due to the large file. I deleted and tried again, with smaller specs. Today. I did that, which took a couple of hours but hooray, I accomplished it. But then tried to upload it to YouTube. Guess how long it took me to upload: 13 hours! I have watched this stupid computer say, “2% uploaded” and then “”3% uploaded” and the “5% uploaded” I am not kidding, all day long. Sometimes it was 30 minutes for 1%. Nightmare! 
So, here you go. I do not even know how it is. I cannot stand to look at it one more second! Forgive mistakes, please! Here is to all the young people who are earnestly trying to figure out their lives and futures. God bless you! This is for you!