Cancer and Being Ready

    Ron topped off his month of having the flu with a colonoscopy.  Sadly, it revealed pre-cancerous tumors.
    His mother having died one year ago almost to the date of his colonoscopy from colon cancer, it was an emotional find.  We both really took a hit.
    But in a way, her losing her life will likely save his–early detection is the key.  So there is not much to be worried about in the long run, God willing.  But it is still sad in its own way.

   A month ago, I had a prayer time in which I felt like God was saying, “Are you ready?”  That usually means “. . . ready for a crisis.”  I do not know why He is so good to me, to often give me a little “heads up.”  He does it almost every time I am about to have a problem–it is really, really gentle and kind of Him!!  I told Him I was more than ready.  I clung onto the Cross like it was a lifesaver.

   I do not know if this is the crisis He meant.  But the image came to me again in Mass on Sunday.  I was hanging onto the Cross like an inner tube as I was flying through rapids.  I was taken aback by the image.  Then I remembered my prayer from a month ago.

  I love His Cross.  It is my safety, my comfort, and my happiness!