Can You Believe It? Book Endorsement!

 I cannot believe this endorsement of my book by Fr. Joshua Whitfield, Pastor of St. Rita Catholic Community, Dallas TX. He writes: 

Rarely should it be said, but here it applies. This is a necessary book. A witness of the varied beautiful vocations building up the Church, as a pastor, I pray alongside many who live out their callings faithfully and joyfully, sacrificially too. I see firsthand almost daily what Dr. Rombs writes about so deeply, poignantly, and personally, and that is, as she rightly calls it, the “greatness” and the “extraordinary vocation” of motherhood. This book is necessary because it uncovers and celebrates an account of motherhood too long neglected. It also makes this book unique. Not rancorous, not politicized, full of charity, Dr. Rombs broadly celebrates genuine feminist progress while looking to a newer feminism, one that better appreciates motherhood. But this book is not just for women! What Kathryn rightly argues is that motherhood deserves broader social appreciation. Thus, this book is for men too. It’s also good for anyone in ministry seeking to serve women and mothers better. A truly valuable book!

Fr. Joshua J. Whitfield is the author of The Crisis of Bad Preaching: Redeeming the Heart and Way of the Catholic Preacher (Ave Maria Press, 2019). We LOVE St. Rita’s! Anyone in the DFW area is welcome to visit and see for yourself that he is the best preacher and pastor around!