Braising Meats

    One little improvement in our home recently has been that I have been cooking more, with less stress.  I came up with seven dinners, and wrote out the list of all required ingredients.  Many of them require slow cooking, and I begin early in the day.  By dinner time, a wonderful meal is on the table.
     My favorite one is braised leg of lamb.  Leg of lamb has to be one of the best meats in the world!  It is expensive, but not as expensive as ordering food from a take out place for 7 people!  I roast it to get it crispy on the top, and then pour in a braising mixture of orange juice and orange zest, red wine, coriander, a couple other things.  I place rosemary springs and garlic in the pan, cover it tightly, and cook it on low heat for 2 1/2 hrs.  It falls off the bone.  It is delectable.
    It is so nice not to be scrambling at the end of the day: “What are we going to eat?”  With this improvement, I feel so accomplished! 🙂