Big House

   I grew up loving a Christian rock song called, “Its a Big Big House.”  The song illustrated “Our Father’s House” in heaven, which the songwriter imagines has lots of food, and a big yard where we can play football, hang hammocks, etc.  Well, we were blessed to get to buy a new home that is much like this song.  Here are boys playing soccer:

   In my estimation, mother superiors are always looking for good facilities for their nuns.  They want a boiler, sinks, a place where pipes do not leak and where rats do not run free.  All religious groups want good facilities.
    To me, this new house is like a new convent, a new place for our family ministry to thrive.
    But we had to make lots of changes!
    First, we had to remove the lions in front of the house!

    Then we had to move our things in ourselves, with the exception of the piano:

    But our kids are loving their new rooms, even the kids who are in the “Fun Room” (the room shared by three kids!).  We are cleaning everything ourselves, and living with drapes and light fixtures we don’t like. . . actually, everything broke down when we moved in, and we had to replace air conditioners, etc.  But we are slowly making our mark on it!  My big moment was hanging the first pictures.  It took a whole day. going room by room.   It looks great!
     Ron and I are very, very grateful to my wonderful Mom, who has given us gifts that made this move possible.  We are also grateful to my Uncle Ray, whose incredibly hard work and genius has also made those gifts possible.  We love, her, him, and pray for them daily for their generosity.