Best Day Ever

   Yesterday, our family had the day off.  We spent many hours at the pool.  The other families here joined us, and oh, what fun it was!  The philosophers among us talked philosophy.  The theologians in the group talked theology.  UD faculty all together is SO MUCH FUN.
    I came away from the conversation ready to write my next article: an evaluation of Aquinas’ argument for God’s existence based on contingency.  I’d like to show that it is a strong argument, and then explain what a person would need to accept in today’s intellectual climate in order to find the argument persuasive.
    The faculty at the pool were saying that they have the hardest time teaching Aquinas’ arguments for God’s existence.  They do not completely understand the arguments, and they do not know what to do with some of the antiquated physics–does that nullify the arguments, rendering them worthless?  I have responses to those questions.  The faculty were indicating that a guide to such material would be helpful.  A worthy undertaking!  Since that was the topic of my dissertation, I am ready to get to work.
      Then we had a big dinner at the forno–the outdoor kitchen.  Ron fired up the grill and created burning logs that generate heat with which to cook the pizzas.  This takes an hour.  Then he places the burning logs/coals in the pizza oven, and we cook the pizzas one at at time.  We had a HUGE spread of grilled meats, antipasti, drinks, bruschetta, cheeses, olives, tartufo. . .  you name it.  Oh, to have a feat like that lasting so many hours–that’s living.
     The families left last night, marveling at how Ron throws a party.  He is the forno king.  He does it like no one any of us has ever seen–all that food, all that pizza, all those spectacular toppings. . . he works so hard to make the fire, to make the whole thing work.  But he knows the work is well worth it.  He’s got that rare “I see that this is worth it” plus the even rarer “I know I can pull it off even though it’s hard” qualities.  He is the party man.
   What a wonderful summer day!