Assisi Weekend

     While Ron and the older kids went on pilgrimage (and work trip) to Assisi, I stayed back at the campus for three days with the little ones: Clare, Leigh and Annie.  We had lots of Uno, I Spy, swing time, and lovely walks through the vineyard.  We colored, drew–I gave them some art lessons (the blind leading the blind).

     I loved the time.  It was refreshing for me that all the students were gone–there is a perpetual pressure of being the professor’s family, all on campus together.  We are in something of a fish bowl with everyone watching.  It was nice to have some breathing room.  I missed OUR people–but that was a fair price to pay for R and R–and everyone, including me, getting as much sleep as the 2 year old!  11 hours a night–now I could get used to that!!!