Art and Pleasure in Paris

    We went to the Musee D’Orsay.  Oh, what a highlight of my life!  I told the kids I would give them one Euro for any painting that they could identify, either by name or by artist.  There were a surprising number of Euros earned!
    As we walked through, I explained the occasional painting and artist.  Short and lively descriptions.  A mother and child asked if they could tag along because the girl liked the explanations!  I thought I could make videos for children–that would be FUN!!
    By the end of the tour through the museum, our kids were actually describing to me their favorite paintings and what they saw the artist doing.  It was positively wonderful, seeing them engage with the art in an active, intelligent way!
    Oh, the bookshop!  The postcards!  So much fun.  This museum visit encapsulated so much of what I wanted to accomplish as a mother.  I saw it right before my eyes!  After a dinner in a brasserie, I could have gone home happy!