Annie’s Halloween Party

This year, for the first time ever, we actually celebrated Halloween.  I am more of an All Saints’ gal myself.  But Annie LOVES Halloween.  On a special outing of just the two of us several months ago, her love for Halloween was so strong that I decided to change my course and give her a Haloween party.
    It was so much fun!
    What I realized is: Lots of people LOVE to dress up.  Most cultures have some way of creating up–even masquerade parties do the trick.  Also, many people like scary things, such as ghost stories.  I do not typically like scary things, but I loved it when we told ghost stories around a campfire.  I think Halloween accomplishes these two things.  I think one can celebrate Halloween innocently, satisfying these two desires that many people have.  Certainly Annie has them!
    My sister Kim and her husband Ken and their dog Tucker came for the party.  They were fabulous, helping out, dressing up, and adding to the fun!