An Extraordinary Anniversary!

   Today is Ron’s and my fifteenth wedding anniversary–we are so blessed!  It has been a very special anniversary.  Mom and Dad kept our kids while Ron and I had a vacation alone together.  A first, and possibly the last in a long, long time!
    But the even more unbelievable thing is that today was my first appointment with. . . our new midwife!  We are expecting number six.  Ron, the kids and I piled in her office and met the baby, as the technician did the baby’s first ultrasound/sonogram.  The baby moved, jumped and wiggled: s/he was practically waving “hello” at the whole group of us!  It was so delightful I burst into tears.
     We found out that I was expecting on the first Sunday of Advent (the season of pregnant mothers).  That was unplanned–just as the whole pregnancy was unplanned.  But just to be double sure before Ron had an appointment at work the next day regarding a possible several year stint in Rome, we thought we’d like to be extra sure about that “variable”: the pregnancy variable.
    I yelped when I saw the test result, and Ron said, “Oh my goodness!  It can’t be!  It can’t be!”  But immediately we were both overjoyed–just stunned, as it was so unexpected.  I was practically menopausal–and our risks were very low–almost non-existent.  So it seemed to us right away, “God must really want this baby!”
     And indeed, ten weeks later, I can say that it seems perfectly right and good that God should see fit to bestow on us such a rich and lavish gift.  Thank you, Lord!