All Six Kids In Italian School

As I sit here in a quiet house, I marvel that all six kids are in Italian-speaking schools. They all began on different days, and today is the first day that they are all in. The first few days for Sebastian and the older kids were definitely a challenge. At one point after school, Sebastian was screaming and crying, totally exhausted. I put him down for a nap and he cried himself to sleep. The older kids joked, “We feel the same way–we’re just crying on the inside!”
    That said, they handled it GREAT. The first day for the older kids was an orientation. Swarms of new classmates buzzed around them and introduced themselves. Having heard they are American, the teachers and students assume they knew no Italian. So each one of the kids surprised them by how much Italian they did know. But when it came to following lectures on the following day, it did not go so well. Good thing they can read up on the material on their own time at home with the help of Google Translate. And good thing they are advanced students, since this school is a little easier than their schools last year (my homeschool included).
   I predict that they will do well. The are dedicated and determined to succeed. We are thanking God for this incredible experience!